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Version 2 Site Formating Completed! First New Blog Post!

V2 of luminalzone has their formating/graphics entirely done- which leaves the next steps of:
-Adding all the games to the site to download, including translations, and any relevant links. (I'd like to upload all the games to steam after I do newer versions.)
-Adding all music I've done, including tracks that got hidden by soundcloud and lots of unposted material.(Albums/Compilations of material will be added to band camp eventually.)
-Finally, reposting moga.tumblr.com archives again, and selected works to the site as regular newer art posts.

I'll be doing it all on my own time, so hopefully it'll be soon but my life and body often manipulate my strings more than my will more recently.

I'm sorry it's languished so much, I'm trying my best to get stuff archived and findable as possible.

It goes without saying that posts to outside social media will probably take a dip for a bit, both due to lack of interest as a sustainable place to archive my work, and I'm working on multiple bigger projects in the background.

Stay safe, bilexth/moga <3