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I'm alive. Outside factors make the work difficult, but when I have it I shall post what I've constructed.
Thank you for continuing to check in, and please follow my renewed twitter presence to have the most up to date news.
This site is meant to be a archive for my various works, and I hope to keep filling it out with more experiences in the future.

2020 has been salty


               so......... uhm..........

a lot of really harsh stuff happened, and my life got fuxked up again. 
like a complete hellspiral. so i had to like like rebuild everything.
so currently these are the irons in the fire.

>free open source steam game about mahou shoujo w/okulutic/hoa 
the deets will be posted on my

>did art for sonnymooredatingsim, ihatedubstep, and a few other games/friends that seemed fun and i got paid for it.
(im down to spitball ideas for games/animations and help where i can, i am rolling in the muck) 

>doing art commissions for fam, and randos. i am up for it but like please email me for specifications.
im really bad at money, and because my body is pretty fucked up by disease and injury- my short term memory is completely shot. i feel like goop. if i dont make notes i do not retain anything atm. like just mail me at like

[email protected]
and we can talk about what is needing to be done. prices are reasonable. i live hand to mouth.

>learning linux development strats to make weirder and shittier games. switching network infrastrstucture makes it pretty harsh.

>had covid on top of extreme pain and dental infections, psiriaoris, and some other diseases get added on. pretty much just a diseased fuckpile. dont expect anything out of me. still trying to transition. if you want to support a fellow struggling trans witxh artist then like, i would appreciate it. i dont have the energy for a lot of stuff beyond just art and maintaining my space.

lots of love, stay safe yall, i hope you enjoy what i manage to push out. 

s    a    f  e  t  y

ftp/blm/transrights/getfucked/genocideiswrongandcruel/support fellow cryptids



•deep in a dream•
Spiraling deep into unconsciousness;
bathing in angel's meat.

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